Digitalization, the big unknown

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, the prominence of digitalization cannot be overstated. While it has seamlessly integrated into the fabric of modern enterprises, it remains an enigma for many. Decision-makers grapple with uncertainty about the optimal implementation of digitalization and its potential impact on their organizations. This article serves as your compass, providing an […]

Process Management & Projects

People working at a table.

Why continuous evaluation is crucial. In a dynamic market where technologies, trends, and customer demands are ever-evolving, adapting your business processes and projects is essential for sustained success. Regular evaluation ensures their ongoing efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with current requirements. This agility enables swift responses to changes, ensuring your competitiveness endures. To conduct successful evaluations, […]

AI-oriented software development in the eHealth sector

In our ever-changing society, the surge of digitalization is undeniable, and its impact on the healthcare sector is more crucial than ever. At the forefront of this transformation is eHealth, centered around harnessing information and communication technologies for health-related applications. While previously confined to the domain of medical professionals, a noteworthy shift is occurring, with […]

Development of AI for autonomous flying

Drone watering dry forest

As the recently established research and development arm of cofortytwo, we find ourselves at the inception of autonomous flying exploration.   Our singular focus lies in the development of artificial intelligence tailored for drones, with a noble mission at its core – the preservation of human lives. In the realm of danger and urgency, our […]